Stories are often inhabited by characters who are tragically thwarted in their search to find their soul mate or they’re paired off by heartless authors into hopelessly unhappy relationships.

In the real world many people are increasing their chances of finding love by using on-line dating or dating columns.  Fictional characters give us hours of enjoyment so it only seemed fair that someone should give them the same opportunity.

Welcome to WLTM Literary Characters the blog supporting the book of the same name.

How would Heathcliffe or Miss Havisham be described on a dating site? The book contains fictional characters looking for love.

You’re invited to guess who the profiles belong too. Hopefully readers will also find some characters they’ve never met and so some great new books to read.

Have a look at the profile below:

“Rich European aristocrat with poor circulation problems, lack of self-image but with good teeth WLTM voluptuous red lipped ladies to share his atmospheric mansion which is set in an area abundant with unusual wildlife.”

Get the idea? Have a look at the posts and become part of the WLTM world!